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TapTap app for deaf

TapTap app for iPhone is designed to assist the deaf and hearing impaired in a hearing world; to alert the user when a loud noise has been made near them. TapTap is useful to get your attention from people you can't see. Simply launch the TapTap app and it will vibrate and flash to notify you that there's been a loud noise or if someone speaks in your vicinity. Adjust the sensitivity to suit your environment and personal comfort level.

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Deaf or hearing can shout to you when your back is turned and the iPhone app vibrates and flashes to alert you!

TapTap on The Deaf Blog - "Top five iPhone apps"

"Tap Tap is an ingenious app that allows deaf users to react to their audio environment." - Louise Baker from Zen College Life [read more...]

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Have you ever been out in public and a hearing person comes up from behind and starts talking to you-they don’t know you cannot hear them, you don’t know they are behind you! It can be an awkward situation for both people! Read on…

Example-You are in line at the bank, and someone behind you wants to tell you the teller is ready to see the next customer. The sound activates iphone to vibrate and flash.

Example-you are in the house alone and someone knocks at the door, the app allows your iphone to alert you to the noise.

Example-your are in a doctors office waiting and the intercom announces your name. The intercom sound activates iphone to vibrate and flash.

Example-The office phone rings, your iphone alerts you to the sound.

Example-You are working in the office and someone wants to get your attention behind you. They simply call your name and the iphone vibrates and flashes to alert you.

Example-Your baby starts to cry nearby, your iphone vibrates and flashes to alert you of the sound.

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Example-You are in a store to buy something, the sales person comes up from behind to ask if you need help. The iphone vibrates and flashes, no more embarrassing moments in public!

Example-You are a young woman working in the office alone filing, your back is to the door. You can set the sensitivity to vibrate and flash when someone opens the door, or makes a sound behind you.

Example-Your children turn the T.V. or radio on, and the volume is turned very high, what would the neighbors say!?! You can be alerted to reduce the volume before the neighbors complain!

Example-Your children fall and hurt themselves and your back is turned, they can call out and your iphone alerts you to the call.

Example-You are a painter and you are on a ladder across the room but your boss needs to get your attention-he can call your name-use the iphone app to alert you!

Example-You have many hearing clients and you are in their house-good for plumbers, painters, electricians, inspectors, carpenters, etc.

Example-Does your spouse snore? Well…you can turn the alert off!

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